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  • GH 2018 Postponed While Version 2.0 is in the Works

    This coming summer of 2018, we will not be hosting our regularly schedule Graduate Horizons program. Instead, our organization will be taking this time to carry out a thoughtful re-envisioning of the program. After 10 successful workshops which have collectively served approximately 500 participants, we have learned so much from our talented students, faculty and partner institutions. Armed with this experience and data, we are inspired and excited to make some adjustments that will allow us to better serve our students during the pre-graduate stage of their educational journey. A GH Advisory Committee comprised of a cross-sector mix of partner institutions, faculty, alumni and pre-graduate educators will work with the Executive Director to evaluate the program, dive into our internal data, and make recommendations for a Graduate Horizons 2.0.

    If you haven't heard, 2018 will also be College Horizons’ Twentieth Anniversary and we are taking advantage of this opportunity to strengthen the connective tissue between our programs. Having introduced the inaugural Scholars Program in 2017, a program that helps our students make a strong transition into college, we will strategize how all three of our programs can better flow into one another. In this way, once a student enters our programs, we are better equipped to make a continual impact in their lives as they continue crossing critical junctures by equipping them with tools to navigate those challenges at each stage of their journey. This has been our goal all along and we are pleased to be making progress!

    Again, thank you for your interest and understanding – we will be in touch as soon as we have more news to share! In the meantime, we encourage prospective applicants of GH to continue registering on our website ( so that we can connect you with our partner schools and graduate admission officers. Anyone interested in hearing about forthcoming programs can use the same form to sign up for updates as they become available.

    Warm Regards,
    Carmen Lopez, Executive Director

  • Special Thanks to Intern Ashley Claw, CH '13!

    (Photo of Executive Director Carmen Lopez and 2016 Duke Engage intern Ashley Claw at University of Michigan. Description: Two women, smiling, stand center to pose for a photo outside of a campus building.)

    The staff of College Horizons would like to express our deep appreciation for Ashley Claw, CH '13 at NYU!  As part of a Duke University program for undergraduates called Duke Engage, Ashley Claw elected to volunteer as an intern with College Horizons for two months. Ashley finished her internship with College Horizons on August 3 but her work has made a lasting impact for the year to come! She jumped in with us as we threw a myriad of tasks her way - everything from program curriculum coordination to finances, from cleaning up student files and mail merges to spreadsheet and data entry work.  She also served as a program assistant while participating in Graduate Horizons 2016 at University of Michigan.

    "On top of her dedication to our work, it was wonderful to see Ashley immerse herself in the broader Native communities of the Albuquerque area. We are proud she chose us and couldn't be more pleased with her contribution to our programs," offered Carmen Lopez, Executive Director of College Horizons. A huge thank you to Ashley Claw and the Duke Engage program for making this possible!

  • College Horizons Joins Giving Tuesday




    College Horizons has joined #GivingTuesday, a first of its kind effort that will harness the collective power of a unique blend of partners - charities, families, tribes, businesses and individuals - to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. Coinciding with the Thanksgiving Holiday and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, #GivingTuesday inspires people to take collaborative action to improve their local communities and tribal nations, to give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they support and help create a better world. Beginning tomorrow, College Horizons invites you to participate by making a contribution to our organization as part of your holiday giving plans.

    To make a gift this holiday season, please visit the Give page of our website. 

    To learn more about #GivingTuesday participants and activities or to join the celebration of giving, please visit:


  • 2014 Summer Recap: #CHDartmouth & #GHCornell

    With fall in full swing we take a moment to reflect on some highlights from this summer's admission workshops! 




    (Students hold up their small group numbers)

    A few highlights from College Horizons at Dartmouth College:
    • 100 Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students attended our program
    • Over 40 partner college reps, high school counselors and organizations served as expert faculty at the program
    • Staff and interns arrived early to prepare for the program; Dartmouth's admission office accommodated the crew for setup
    • Faculty arrived a day early in preparation for students
    • Some students traveling from Hawaii, Alaska and some west coast communities arrived a day early to adjust for the time zone changes
    • Students were present for a total for six days to Dartmouth's campus in Hanover, New Hampshire
    • For many of our students, this was the first time riding on a plane and for an even larger number their first visit to New England
    • Dartmouth College was a terrific host - we had great dorms, awesome food and beautiful surroundings
    • The diversity of the students was at an all-time high (state, regional, tribal, gender) 
    • Students connected with one another and with faculty both within small groups and as a larger community
    • Paul Iona (Native Hawaiian), a 3rd year student of Chapman University's MFA Program in Film and CH Alumnus, was at the program volunteering his time to film promotional content for us - a new video will soon be released!
    • Kevin Patterson (Navajo) and Maggie Seawright (Lakota), both current Dartmouth undergraduates and CH Alumni, served as interns at the program and worked tirelessly to ensure the program's success
    • A CH alumna and long serving faculty of the program, Dr. Adrienne Keene, was honored for completing her Ed.D program at Harvard University.  Adrienne's doctoral research highlights the higher ed experiences of Native students of the College Horizons program!  She first attended CH at Dartmouth back in 2002 so it was a full circle experience for our program.
    • Traditional night was a meaningful and fun event with many students sharing everything from regalia to dances and protocol from their traditions and homelands
    • Students were exhausted by the end of the program having fulfilled all of our program requirements (college essay revisions, Common Application drafts, researching a list of 10 schools to apply to, trivial pursuit questions from our partner institutions, FAFSA forms, scholarship searches, etc.)
    • HUGE storms coincided with the end of the program and about 15 students were stranded overnight with many more delays at both Manchester and Boston Airports.  After an adventurous evening, staff and faculty successfully saw that all students got out on flights the following day.




    A few highlights from Graduate Horizons at Cornell University (make sure to watch the video above!):
    • 45 participants representing a diversity of Native nations attended GH at Cornell
    • 5 cohorts oversaw the mentorship of participants whose intended career paths span fields within the fields of Arts & Humanities, STEM, Health Sciences, Education, Law, Business and Public Policy
    • 30+ faculty representing a variety of graduate and professional programs enthusiastically provided expert feedback and counseling to program participants
    • Workshop participants absorbed loads of information over the 4 days of intensive graduate and professional preparation 
    • Cornell University, the Office of Academic Diversity Inititiatives (OADI), the American Indian Program (AIP) and Conference Services served as amazing hosts and every detail was covered!
    • Dr. Jolene Rickard, Professor and Director of the American Indian Program at Cornell University grounded us at the beginning of our program with concepts of Haudenosaunee sovereignty
    • Haudenosaunee dancers and cultural group welcomed faculty and participants with a social dance demonstration and white pine exhibition 
    • Videographers hired by Cornell created the great video above, featuring Graduate Horizons!


    (Participants pose for a group photo before the Professional Networking Reception)