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  • 2017 Host Sites and Dates Announcement

    (Photo courtesy of Whitman College)

    College Horizons is very proud to announce our host universities for summer 2017!  We are pleased to announce that in 2017, College Horizons students will have the opportunity to attend one of two programs at either Princeton University in Princeton, NJ or Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. These two programs compliment each other very nicely by offering us a west coast and east coast option. The application for these programs will be released by October 15, 2016.  Sign up early to receive an application as soon as it becomes available on our Apply Page.

    The 2017 dates for each program are as follows: June 17-23 for Princeton University and July 8-14 for the Whitman College program. Each program will be 6 days long and bring up to 100 Native students to campus for our annual crash course on the college application process. 

    For tips on applying to College Horizons in 2017, join us as we host an informational webinar on October 12, 2016 from 1pm to 1:30pm MST. A Q&A session will follow the webinar for those able to stay.  This webinar is intended to provide information for prospective applicants to the program, parents and educators. For a full description and for info regarding upcoming webinars, please see our Webinar page. 

  • 2014 Summer Recap: #CHDartmouth & #GHCornell

    With fall in full swing we take a moment to reflect on some highlights from this summer's admission workshops! 




    (Students hold up their small group numbers)

    A few highlights from College Horizons at Dartmouth College:
    • 100 Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students attended our program
    • Over 40 partner college reps, high school counselors and organizations served as expert faculty at the program
    • Staff and interns arrived early to prepare for the program; Dartmouth's admission office accommodated the crew for setup
    • Faculty arrived a day early in preparation for students
    • Some students traveling from Hawaii, Alaska and some west coast communities arrived a day early to adjust for the time zone changes
    • Students were present for a total for six days to Dartmouth's campus in Hanover, New Hampshire
    • For many of our students, this was the first time riding on a plane and for an even larger number their first visit to New England
    • Dartmouth College was a terrific host - we had great dorms, awesome food and beautiful surroundings
    • The diversity of the students was at an all-time high (state, regional, tribal, gender) 
    • Students connected with one another and with faculty both within small groups and as a larger community
    • Paul Iona (Native Hawaiian), a 3rd year student of Chapman University's MFA Program in Film and CH Alumnus, was at the program volunteering his time to film promotional content for us - a new video will soon be released!
    • Kevin Patterson (Navajo) and Maggie Seawright (Lakota), both current Dartmouth undergraduates and CH Alumni, served as interns at the program and worked tirelessly to ensure the program's success
    • A CH alumna and long serving faculty of the program, Dr. Adrienne Keene, was honored for completing her Ed.D program at Harvard University.  Adrienne's doctoral research highlights the higher ed experiences of Native students of the College Horizons program!  She first attended CH at Dartmouth back in 2002 so it was a full circle experience for our program.
    • Traditional night was a meaningful and fun event with many students sharing everything from regalia to dances and protocol from their traditions and homelands
    • Students were exhausted by the end of the program having fulfilled all of our program requirements (college essay revisions, Common Application drafts, researching a list of 10 schools to apply to, trivial pursuit questions from our partner institutions, FAFSA forms, scholarship searches, etc.)
    • HUGE storms coincided with the end of the program and about 15 students were stranded overnight with many more delays at both Manchester and Boston Airports.  After an adventurous evening, staff and faculty successfully saw that all students got out on flights the following day.




    A few highlights from Graduate Horizons at Cornell University (make sure to watch the video above!):
    • 45 participants representing a diversity of Native nations attended GH at Cornell
    • 5 cohorts oversaw the mentorship of participants whose intended career paths span fields within the fields of Arts & Humanities, STEM, Health Sciences, Education, Law, Business and Public Policy
    • 30+ faculty representing a variety of graduate and professional programs enthusiastically provided expert feedback and counseling to program participants
    • Workshop participants absorbed loads of information over the 4 days of intensive graduate and professional preparation 
    • Cornell University, the Office of Academic Diversity Inititiatives (OADI), the American Indian Program (AIP) and Conference Services served as amazing hosts and every detail was covered!
    • Dr. Jolene Rickard, Professor and Director of the American Indian Program at Cornell University grounded us at the beginning of our program with concepts of Haudenosaunee sovereignty
    • Haudenosaunee dancers and cultural group welcomed faculty and participants with a social dance demonstration and white pine exhibition 
    • Videographers hired by Cornell created the great video above, featuring Graduate Horizons!


    (Participants pose for a group photo before the Professional Networking Reception)


  • A Brief Summer Recap

    College Horizons was successfully held at two different campuses this past June and July: Hawaii Prep Academy in Kamuela, Hawaii and at New York University in Manhattan, New York.  We are happy to report that every single one of the 197 students we admitted to the program made it to the programs safely, worked hard to complete our curriculum expectations throughout the week and then made it back home in one piece.  A combination of amazing students, dedicated faculty and accommodating host institutions made both programs some of the best we have ever put on.  And even though we strive to deliver the same rigorous curriculum at all of our programs, no two programs are ever the same.  This year, it was particularly exciting for us to see just how similar and different both of our programs on completely opposite sides of the country and in different communities would play out. Read on for a few key highlights from each of our programs:

    Hawaii Prep Academy (June 16-21)

    As we stepped off the plane in Kona, the CH Staff were greeted by our gracious host and site coordinator, Joanie Brotman. The humid air, the open air design of the airport and the leis we received upon arrival all signaled to us that this was going to be a very different program than ones we usually host on the mainland.

    The Big Island - this is the first thing we saw!

    Joanie Brotman greets us at the airport with leis

    It was exciting for us since this is only the second program College Horizons has been able to host in Hawaii so far - our first program was held in 2010 at University of Hawaii at Hilo.  Below are some highlights from the program:

    • Approximately 90% of students who attended were Native Hawaiian; 10% of students were Native American or Alaska Native from the mainland
    • 47 students local to the area attended the program from the Big Island - a record for College Horizons!
    • The local college fair was a huge success - over 300 families joined us to meet with our college partners at the public portion of our college fair
    • On the last day of the program, students and faculty climbed to the top of a nearby Pu'u (a small mountain/butte) to reflect.  It was a powerful way to culminate our program, guided by Aunty Pua Case
    • The CH Staff used the Hawaii Prep Academy college counseling office throughout the week as our base of operations - a huge thank you to all the HPA staff who helped us make this program possible!

    Students and faculty circle up on the soccer field to participate in ice breakers

    New York University (July 7-12)

    The view from our dorm rooms at NYU

    Like the Big Island, New York City was also a new and fun experience for College Horizons.  As Frank Sinatra said, "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere!" After hosting a program in the Big Apple, we are confident that we would be capable of hosting a successful program anywhere in the country.  Some key highlights from the program include:

    • This was the largest gathering of Native students held at NYU in recent memory, if not ever!
    • This was the first time in New York City for 79 of students attending the program
    • Students at the program represented 49 tribal nations from 22 states 
    • All 100 of our students hopped on the subway with faculty chaperones to attend a Broadway show and then walked over to Times Square to experience quintessential New York.  (No one got lost!)
    • This was the first time flying for 24 of our students and 53 students had never stayed overnight on a college campus before
    • NYU and the admissions office were terrific hosts - the dorms and meeting spaces we occupied during the week really made us feel at home while being in the heart of America's largest city

    Students take to the subway before our broadway show!

    By the end of our program our students seemed at home on the streets of NY

    For more pictures, highlights and a play-by-play rundown from our programs check out our facebook page and twitter feed!

  • Welcome to Our Blog!

    We're excited to introduce this venue - a way for us to write about both our programs (College & Graduate Horizons), our amazing alumni, upcoming opportunities and our organization's ongoing efforts as we gear up for another year of life-changing workshops.  Stay tuned and please feel free to engage with us through our comments section - we love to hear what our community is thinking from time to time, especially our alumni and partners.  

    For now we hope that all of our students and faculty, both past and present, are enjoying the last days of summer before heading back to school or work in the fall.  Good thoughts and energy go out to all our CH family and friends!

    College Pride, Native Pride!

    The College & Graduate Horizons Team