CH Recognized at 2013 Forging Hope Event!

Big news!  Yesterday, members of the CH staff and board were present in San Bernadino, California to receive the 2013 Yawa Award from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.  It is a tremendous honor for us to have our work recognized and supported by a tribal nation.  A big thank you to all of our supporters and especially to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for this recognition.  Yawa' is a Serrano word and is described by the following concept: "To the Yuhaviatam, the People of the Pines, Yawa', is a simple word that describes a complex concept.  A smile, a hearty handshake, a kind word, these are but the building blocks from which Yawa' springs forth.  Yawa' also comes from the heart, from actions and intentions... Yawa' is a call to manifest one's beliefs through action."  Watch a short video of the occasion below as Peter Aranda, President of the Board of Directors and Carmen Lopez, Executive Director of College Horizons are shown accepting the award.