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  • CH Alumni Hangout

    This past Sunday, three alumni from our programs and Hillary Abe (our Coordinator of Recruitment) had the opportunity to record a live broadcast.  In it, they candidly discuss their experiences at our program.  Listen to what they liked, what was most difficult and what they took away from the program in this unedited recording.  We even had one student join us from his dorm room - awesome!

    A huge THANK YOU to the Native Hawaiian alumni who were able to serve on this panel:  Ernest Tavares CH '10 & '11, Emily McLain CH '12 and Holeka Inaba CH '11.  You all did amazing and it was the highlight of our week - we couldn't have done this without you!

    So without further ado, we hope you enjoy hearing about our programs from the most important people we serve:

  • Webinar Time!

    Last week we had a chance to hold an informational webinar for prospective students, parents and educators who are looking to apply to our programs next summer.  We're still relatively new to this way of broadcasting information about our programs, but we think it went well.  We had about 85 people register to attend the webinar - woohoo!  If you wanted to attend the webinar but didn't have a chance to, here is a recording that we've posted to youtube.  It contains everything that a regular presentation contains and then some!  Carmen Lopez, our Executive Director describes our programs, gives advice on students applying to our programs and answers many questions from participants.  If you are seeking information about next year's programs, this is definitely the video to watch!