Join us in the Big Island or in the Big City!

Join us in the Big Island or in the Big City!

On October 16, we released the application for our 2013 summer workshops.  We are beyond excited to get started with the application season for our programs.  Check out our apply page for the basic steps to apply –  the application deadline is February 4, 2013.  Be sure to start the application early because it can take some time to complete and make sure to read an overview of the Application Process to get a clear idea of what’s expected when you apply.

Every year, it’s exciting for us to announce where we will be headed and this year is certainly no exception. Somehow we think these might be popular places for students to check out… since every year at our programs students list New York and Hawaii as places they would consider going to college.  Well, this year’s admitted students will have the chance to experience first-hand one or the other when they attend one of our programs.


Can you say, New York City or the Big Island??

In June, Hawai’i Preparatory Academy, an independent school located in Kamuela, Hawaii (on the Big Island) will be our gracious host for six days and in July students will fly to New York City for another six-day program hosted by the inimitable (SAT word!) New York University.  As always, we are grateful to partner with these host institutions and to be able to provide these experience for our students. Look for the program dates on the Apply page and descriptions of our host institutions on our 2013 Hosts page. The Hawaii program is prioritized for Native Hawaiian students while the NYU program is prioritized for students from the mainland and Alaska.

Of course, not every student automagically knows what College Horizons is all about!  If you are looking for a good description of our program, look no further! The College Horizons description page details what we cover during the program and the basics of what to expect.  Next month, we will also be hosting webinars on the application process and students will get to hear from past participants of the program.  These will be posted to our calendar as well as to our Webinars page.

We hope to see some of you there!  Please email us if you have any questions using the info on our Connect page.