Welcome College Horizons Alumni

Welcome to our College Horizons & Graduate Horizons Alumni page!  As part of our organization’s development, we are hoping to connect all alumni of our programs to future resources and opportunities.  In order to keep in touch with alumni we are hoping to collect your updated contact information.  We will only use your email address to send you news and information specifically geared towards our alumni and news regarding our organization.

Alumni Update Form

For College Horizons and Graduate Horizons alumni to update your contact info with our organization.

  • Examples: 'Arizona State University' or 'Have not attended college yet'
  • Example: '2011' or '2017'
  • Example: Biology, English, Undecided, etc. or N/A
  • Ex: Job Title, Employer name or N/A
    If yes, answer the next two questions. If no, skip the next two questions.
  • Example: University of Washington Medical School
  • Example: Master of Public Policy, 2011
  • Feel free to share with us anything you're particularly proud about. Example: Scholarships, honors, recognitions or general updates.

Alumni Shout Out

Tell us about your experience with College Horizons or Graduate Horizons and if selected, we will share through one of our media outlets – website, facebook, promotional materials.