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Our Mission

College Horizons encourages and facilitates the education of Native American young people.

Our Summer Workshops for High School Students

College Horizons is a pre-college program for Native American high school students open to current sophomores and juniors. Each summer, students work with college counselors and college admissions officers in a five-day “crash course” on the college admission and financial aid process. The individualized program helps students select colleges suitable for them to apply to, get admitted to, and receive adequate financial aid. Students research their top 10 schools; complete college essays, resumes, the Common Application, and the preliminary FAFSA; receive interviewing skills and test-taking strategies (on the ACT and SAT) and financial aid/scholarship information.

College/University Partners

College Horizons partners with over 70 colleges/universities and invites selected high school college counselors, Native educators, and educational partner volunteers to provide expert and one-on-one advising.

Who we are

College Horizons is a non-profit organization that supports the higher education of Native American students by providing college and graduate admissions workshops to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students/participants from across the nation. Two programs are offered in the summer: College Horizons services current 10th-11th grade high school students and Graduate Horizons services college students and college graduates.

The Need in American Indian Education

The Native American high school graduation rate is 51%. Of those, approximately 5% proceed directly to four-year colleges and only 10% of those students graduate in four years.  Of American Indians living on reservations, only half are as likely as white students to persist and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Relative to other minorities and to the general US school-age population, Indian school children are at or near the greatest risks of receiving poor education and under performing at the elementary and secondary levels (National Center for Educational Statistics, “Status and Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives”, 2008).

Filling the College-Access Gap

Of the 4,000 Native high school students served by College Horizons, 99% have been admitted to college, 95% matriculate onto a four-year institution, and 85% have graduated college in four-to-five years!  College Horizons is founded on the premise that bright and talented Native American high school students do not receive quality college-counseling and academic advising.

College-Access Native American Recruitment/Outreach Opportunity for Colleges/Universities

College Horizons is positioned to support college admission outreach efforts in identifying college-bound Native American and Native Hawaiian students. We understand that Indian Country is vast – comprised of 310 geographical reservations and 40 Indian Statistical Areas (29 located in Oklahoma), over 200 Alaska Native villages, 574 federally recognized Tribal Nations and over 200 state recognized Tribal Nations, and islands of Native Hawaiian homelands. We also know that Native American and Native Hawaiian students continue to be among the most underrepresented and underserved populations on college campuses.  In addition to directly working with Native students, admissions representatives have the opportunity to network with 30 guidance/college counselors and American Indian educators at the programs.

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