Scholars Program




1-week Transition to College Bridge Program (for 20 Rising First-Year Students)

July 10-15, 2022

Deadline to Apply: May 6, 2022

(Rolling admission until all spots are filled)

1-week Introduction to Indigenous Research Methodologies (for 20 Rising College Sophomores)

July 17-22, 2022

Deadline to Apply: May 6, 2022

(Rolling admission until all spots are filled)

Program Contact: Mikaela Crank, Director of Scholars Program



The Scholars Pathway Program is open to College Horizons alumni only and there are limited spots for each program:

  • 1-week Transition-to-College Bridge program will accommodate 20 rising first-year students
  • 1-week Introduction to Indigenous Research Methodologies will accommodate 20 rising sophomores
  • 3-day Pre-Graduate & Research Institute will accommodate 10 rising juniors
  • 3-day Graduate Horizons will accommodate 20 rising seniors


  • Core Curriculum:
    • Academic Success Skills course
    • Introduction to Settler Colonialism & Critical Race Theory lecture-based instruction
    • Indigenous Research Methodologies
    • Wellness: physical, mental and emotional health
  • Academic Coaching: Academic coaching is a one-on-one interaction between the academic coach and a student focusing on strengths, goals, study skills, academic planning, and performance. Academic coaches will offer strategies, accountability, and inspiration to help you reach your goals.
  • Community & Network: Students can connect with other CH Scholars in a thriving community through a Scholars-only Instagram account, Discord server, and virtual events year-round. Join a smaller community of CH alumni and build a network with other high-achieving Indigenous college students across 60+ colleges and universities nationwide.

  • Students will be prepared to make successful transitions to college, achieve and sustain academic success, and become high achievers who will be competitive for fellowships, internships, graduate/professional schools, and career opportunities.


From 2016-2019, the Scholars Program was a three-week summer bridge opportunity for rising first year college students. For the next three years, 2020-2023, College Horizons will modify the program to serve students at multiple points in their college journey and condense programming down to one-week.

The 2022 Scholars Pathway Program (SPP) is a summer program designed to empower Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian College Horizons alumni in their transition from high school to college. In the SPP, the students will complete a 4-year pathway program that includes four, remote and virtual activities: a 1-week Transition-to-College bridge program for rising first-year students, a 1-week Introduction to Indigenous Research Methodologies for rising sophomores (includes a stipend), a 3-day Pre-Graduate & Research Institute for rising juniors, and a 3-day Graduate Horizons for rising seniors. Throughout the year, students will receive academic coaching and opportunities to engage through a more robust and contiguous Scholars Pathway Program (SPP) to better meet their mentoring, academic, socio-emotional, pre-graduate advising, and research needs. The Scholars Program will prepare students by addressing their holistic needs to be successful and help make their higher education journey relevant by connecting their culture and community to college. Stipends will be available to college sophomore participants. 


Students will further develop their academic skills by learning success strategies that will include topics such as mindset, resilience, interdependence, as well as traditional academic skills including note-taking, test preparation, study strategies, and time management. In addition to teaching academic preparation, the Scholars Program will help develop skills around resiliency and understanding the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender and tribal citizenship in higher education. Students will engage in reflection and discussion of the kinds of socio-cultural challenges they may encounter at selective colleges and universities—especially at predominantly white institutions (PWIs)—and strategies for overcoming those challenges.

The Scholars Program uses holistic and indigenous frameworks to prepare students in their mental, physical, cultural and spiritual development. Our goal is to strengthen students with the tools to becoming critically conscious of the higher educational structural inequalities by addressing settler colonialism, racism, decolonization, racial equity, transformative resistance, social justice and healing.