FAQ for Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I get an application?

Visit the “Apply” page on our website. You will be able to access the full application and instructions.

I am having trouble accessing the application.

The application must be accessed using either a computer with an internet connection or a mobile device. If you are having trouble viewing the form on a computer, try accessing it using a different browser.

I am worried I can’t pay for the total tuition and round-trip airfare. Should I still apply?

Yes, you should still apply! You will face this same circumstance when you apply to college. Spending a week on a college campus with 100 other Native kids excited about college and working one-on-one with admission counselors and expert college counselors is well worth it!

At the time of application you must pay an application fee and tuition deposit. If you are not selected, the deposit will be fully refunded.

CH raises $40,000 to provide students with tuition support and airfare support. You can apply for financial assistance in the application – your parents must submit tax information and can provide hardship letter about what the family is experiencing.

A scholarship does not mean a “Free Ride” or is not an “Entitlement.” CH is investing in you. We expect you to participate meaningfully in the program, complete all work assignments, and when you return home to share what you learned with family and classmates – give a presentation at school, to the Tribal Council, write in the school paper/blog. And it is always gracious to send a thank you note for scholarship support!

Can I just pay the application fee and wait to see if I am admitted to pay deposit?

No. All applicants must pay this total as part of the application. Your application is incomplete and will not be reviewed. Contact us if you are having difficulty paying the full amount. We do not accept credit card payment.

My GPA is below a 3.00, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as your grades are showing an upward trend by the time you submit your application in February. Likely, you will be waitlisted until we receive updated grades.

Your Title Goes HereI am a Senior in high school or I already graduated from high school but am not in college, can I still apply?

Sorry, you are not eligible to apply. Current 10th and 11th graders may apply. See our “Resources” page for some of the tools we use at the program.

Does the applicant need to be an enrolled Tribal member? What do Hawaiians provide?

Yes. Students must provide enrollment documentation from their Tribal Nation (State or Federal recognized).

We do NOT accept birth certificates or the enrollment documents of your parents/grandparents.

If a student is Native American and not enrolled but a parent is an enrolled: we will need a “letter of descendent status” in the student’s name from the tribal enrollment office which acknowledges the student as a descendant of their tribe/nation. Please do NOT send us enrollment information for the parents.

Native Hawaiians must provide documentation from the Ho’oulu Hawaiian Data Center or the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. This is important later for your eligibility to scholarships through OHA or Kamehameha. We do not accept birth certificates of students or parents.

A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) does not necessarily mean one is tribally enrolled. We will accept a CDIB only if you also have tribal enrollment documentation.

Do my Parents submit State and Federal Tax returns?

Just the federal tax returns. All of the return – schedules, attachments, etc. Submit a copy, not your original! Redact/cross out Social Security Numbers.

Do I need to submit original copies of my official documents?

No.  We do not need originals.  Please provide photocopies of your parent’s tax info and tribal enrollment verification only.  This does not include your high school transcript which needs to be an official copy.

My parents are divorced or separated whose tax forms do I submit?

The Custodial Parent (parent with whom the student lives with 51% of the time) should submit their tax returns as the priority. If you can have your Non-Custodial Parent also submit their tax returns separately that is the best.

If the Custodial Parent has re-married, then the Step Parent needs to also submit their tax returns if they aren’t already filing jointly.

My grandparents, aunt/uncle, or older siblings are taking care of me, whose tax forms do I submit?

Call our office or explain in the application the current living situation. We want to try to provide the best advice in determining what your financial status will be when you apply to college in the next 2 years.

Is College Horizons a college I can apply to?

No. CH is not a college/university. We are a college-access organization that provides pre-college and pre-graduate workshops on the admission process, financial aid process, and provide strategies on how to be competitive candidates for competitive admissions as well as how to be a successful as a Native student in college.

Does College Horizons give scholarships to attend college?

No. CH is not a scholarship organization. We only provide financial aid for eligible participants of the summer program to assist with the tuition fee and airfare costs.

If I (a student) attend College Horizons, will I be guaranteed admission to one of the partner CH schools?

No. CH does not guarantee admission to any of our partner colleges or to any colleges that may participate in our programming and/or college fair. You are admitted to partner schools like any other school, based on your own merit and accomplishments, independent of our program.