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  • CH Collaborates with Bernalillo Public Schools on New Initiative!

    CH and Bernalillo Public Schools to Launch New Program!

    As part of our commitment to envisioning new avenues of serving Native students on their pathway to higher education, College Horizons is thrilled to announce a new initiative! Starting in 2019, College  Horizons is proud to collaborate with Bernalillo Public Schools on a  culturally responsive college/career readiness grant through the US  Dept of Education's Native Youth Community Project on a program for 6th-12th grade students serving the 7 Pueblos of Cochiti,  Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Sandia, Zia and Jemez that send  students to BPS. As part of this grant, BPS is hiring for a  Project Director and 7 Student Success Coordinators! Please help us by spreading the word. More info will be shared as planning is currently underway.

    For complete job descriptions and more info see the links below:

    Student Success Project Director (1 Opening)

    Student Success Coordinator (7 Openings) 

    Bernalillo Public Schools Website

  • GH 2018 Postponed While Version 2.0 is in the Works

    This coming summer of 2018, we will not be hosting our regularly schedule Graduate Horizons program. Instead, our organization will be taking this time to carry out a thoughtful re-envisioning of the program. After 10 successful workshops which have collectively served approximately 500 participants, we have learned so much from our talented students, faculty and partner institutions. Armed with this experience and data, we are inspired and excited to make some adjustments that will allow us to better serve our students during the pre-graduate stage of their educational journey. A GH Advisory Committee comprised of a cross-sector mix of partner institutions, faculty, alumni and pre-graduate educators will work with the Executive Director to evaluate the program, dive into our internal data, and make recommendations for a Graduate Horizons 2.0.

    If you haven't heard, 2018 will also be College Horizons’ Twentieth Anniversary and we are taking advantage of this opportunity to strengthen the connective tissue between our programs. Having introduced the inaugural Scholars Program in 2017, a program that helps our students make a strong transition into college, we will strategize how all three of our programs can better flow into one another. In this way, once a student enters our programs, we are better equipped to make a continual impact in their lives as they continue crossing critical junctures by equipping them with tools to navigate those challenges at each stage of their journey. This has been our goal all along and we are pleased to be making progress!

    Again, thank you for your interest and understanding – we will be in touch as soon as we have more news to share! In the meantime, we encourage prospective applicants of GH to continue registering on our website ( so that we can connect you with our partner schools and graduate admission officers. Anyone interested in hearing about forthcoming programs can use the same form to sign up for updates as they become available.

    Warm Regards,
    Carmen Lopez, Executive Director

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